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Customer Reviews


We have been using Big Splash for our pool here in Freehold for three year’s and they are amazing. They were recommended to us by my neighbor who has been using Big Splash for many years. They are professional and always on time and always there to listen to our concerns. They are also competitive in their pricing. So, if you would like a great team to take care of your assets and your pool, then Big Splash is the company for you.

Dean G.

I’ve been using this company for 4 years, they know how to take care of their clients. Mark and Stacey are the best.

Diana B.

Great company and had no issues! I’m using them for 2-nd year!

Dtron D.

Happened to catch two technicians closing my neighbor’s pool today and asked if they could take a look at mine and perhaps close it. They couldn’t have been nicer and more professional. They identified 3-4 issues within minutes which my previous service provider ignored after my constant reminders. I will DEFINITELY hire them for next year.

Jeremy M.

Mark knows how to cool you down all summer long. Best bang for your buck. Good to see hard-working, honest Americans, doing a fantastic job.

Lisa M.

Stacey and Mark are the best!! This company is not only reliable but they go above and beyond to help! They even come in the winter to check on my pool if needed. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Sarah R.